PARTS-LIST  17/05/2009

This parts list is an effort to compile data from several owners and put them to everybody's disposition.
It gives the impression of having been a great job and it was, but not done by me.  I've only used common, low-level ICT knowledge to gather and compile information that was gathered through the years by lots of people, from which I must mention Geoff Cooper, starter of the "original alternative parts list".

This parts list should be read with the original parts list pictures (available with SW-Scimparts) and/or the Sabra handbook, I point to the pictures I have on the site where possible.  As SW-Scimparts have to make their living selling the parts-list-book I don't publish the pictures that are only in the parts list-book.  As the handbook-pictures are available on this site for years I consider them "common knowledge".  

Take this parts-list as an aid to search for parts, don't take it for granted.  I take no reponsability for it.  Sabras differ in construction, companys change their part numbers, or use other parts or other part numbers in different countrys.

The parts list looks like (below) but I cannot translate it as a whole to html.. Would become too big. The size of 1Mb is near the limit, but all that html must be translated on your computer to the Spreadsheet (below) with over 1300 lines so only a very powerfull (recent) computer could have this done. 
So below there's an opportunity to download it as Excell or as text (tab separated - importable in any program).

The parts list could also make communication more easy: "I need part #xxx" instead of descriptions.
A: just a number that follows the parts list.  Sorted according to this number you get the original sequence.
like mentioned in the parts list and on pictures in the handbook and parts list
B: original numbers like stated in parts list and handbook
C: descripition idem
D: this many of this part are needed here
E: hyperlink to a picture on this site 
F: the person who added the extra data (perhaps you contact him for extra info)
G: manufacturer
H: extra description or part number according to the manufacturer(both columns copied from Geoff Coopers list)





124 200188 Propeller Shaft Assembly 1 P
125 UNFB406 Propeller Shaft Fixing Bolt 4 P JN UNF 5/16 ook UNF3/8'
126 200339 Propeller Shaft Fixing Nut Self Locking Simmonds Aero 4 P JN UNF 5/16 ook UNF3/8'
127 Title Rear Suspension P
128 200199 Rear Suspension Unit 2 P
129 200199 Rear Suspension Damper 2 P GC spax G601AS200+0.5"BUSH adjustable seat
130 200199 Rear Suspension Damper 2 P GC girling 4380 Sabra
131 200004 Rear Suspension Unit Top Fixing Bracket 2 P
132 UNFB412 Rear Suspension Unit Top Fixing Bracket Bolt 4 P JN UNF 3/8 L=77mm T=20mm
133 5392 Rear Suspension Unit Top Fixing Bolt Self Locking Nut 4 P JN UNF 3/8 SL
134 4096 Rear Suspension Unit Fixing Bolt Washer 4 P JN UNF 1/2 SL

Sabra_Parts.XLS        Sabra_Parts.txt

To download the lists double click above, afterwards save it somewhere on your computer.
These lists are 280kb and 180kb so the size of one picture.

If you would encounter a company that has on stock - and sells, part # 200199 (Rear Suspension Unit) please mail me and I'll put the co÷rdinates of the company in the reference-column.

Any #, any hint to another car can be precious information for someone who didn't locate a good dealer in his neighbourhood.


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